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Monday, August 14

Know Your Fascist


Funny, I have been researching this topic for a few weeks- "Islamo-fascism". It's like "Christian-fascism" or "Jeso-fascism", only less accurate. George Bush used the term a few times recently and I found it pretty absurd because Islamic fundamentalists and "terrorists" aren't fascists in the classic sense of the word. We're pretty used to the US government using slurs against others that would only describe themselves- projecting, so it's really no surprise that they have dragged "fascism" out of the dictionary and are attempting to redefine it. Me, I crack up when O'Lielly calls liberals "fascists". Not quite, douchbag.

When we think "fascism" we think of a merger between government and big business, we think of deregulation, capitalism (cruel capitalism to be exact) and we think of war profiteering. Nothing like that going on in the Middle East. Oh, but we sure have that going on here in the good old USA. Oh yeah, and when that happens, you can say buh-bye to democracy. You can have a democracy when the playing field is fair, not tilted 89% towards big business, like here. Fascism arises out of failed democracies. "Islamo-fascism" isn't arising out of any democracy.

We think of fascism as overzealous or militant nationalism. See any of that happening in the Middle East? Heck, different sects of Muslims are out to kill each other in their own countries and abroad. The so-called "Islamic-fascists" haven't been waving any flags around for any particular country. They enjoy waving and burning ours, but as long as they don't do it here, it's legal.

In addition to the all important economic and political signs of fascism that must be present, we think of fascist governments as those that poo poo science, the arts, creativity, intellectual pursuits and higher education. Oh wait. That sounds like our government. My bad. Fascists wrap themselves in flags, in religion, in homophobia, in xenophobia, in mysogyny and there is always a bad guy/s for everyone to hate. By golly it sounds like an Orwell novel.

So do read 'Welcome to Neo-Fascism 101' by Andrew Bosworth because he pretty much wrapped up the discussion in a neat package. He also advises:

First, always replace the term "neo-conservatism" with "neo-fascism."

Second, always charge those who use the term "Islamo-fascism" with anti-Semitism (because Arabs - most of whom are Muslims - are technically "Semitic," too).

Third, remind people who use the term "Islamo-Fascism" that the term is historically inaccurate and that the main ingredients of classical fascism - 1) monopoly capitalism; 2) erosion of democracy; and 3) militant nationalism - are coming together in the United States like a Perfect Storm.

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