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Thursday, August 24

An Interesting Item Wherein My Divorce Is Finally Explained

It was NOT the fact that the ex-husband was a slug who hasn't made a decent financial decision in his life. It was NOT the fact that he kept me perpetually in debt. It was NOT the fact that he followed his little soldier wherever it led him. It was NOT the fact that he couldn't finish anything he started, whether it was college, or the military, or building a house.

No, no, actually it was the fact that he married a career woman that doomed our marriage to failure. He shoulda married himself a simpering little fool who said "yes, dear, whatever you say," or "no, dear, I don't think so either." Then, apparently, our marriage would have survived.

I just don't even know what to say that a magazine like Forbes would publish an article like this. Apparently it was published first as a stand alone piece, although Forbes has since paired the article with a response from another of its columnists as a counterpoint. We've come a long way, ladies, umm hmm.

Hat Tip to Shakespeare's Sister for this one. You should go read her most excellent thoughts on the article.

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