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Saturday, August 26

How much soda do you drink?

Back in April I put up this post, by nameless cynic, He said:

"You see, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has acknowledged that benzene, a cancer-causing chemical, has been found in soft drinks at levels that far exceed the amount considered safe for drinking water."

Today, I came across another Benzene/Soda article at rawstory
Coca-Cola Co. was sued Friday as part of an effort to force soft drink makers to eliminate ingredients in their products that can form cancer-causing benzene.

Were you following the ban on coke and pepsi in India this past month?

And, it seems that students are protesting against this in the UK also

And whattayaknow Coca-cola has bought its way onto the good side of the Bush administration

What IS in that "Secret Recipie" which is locked away somewhere in a vault that only 3 people know about?

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