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Sunday, August 13

Go Ned!

"My God, here we have a terrorist threat against hearth and home and the very first thing that comes out of their mind is how can we turn this to partisan advantage. I find that offensive," Lamont said in an interview Sunday with The Associated Press.

Cheney suggested Wednesday that Lamont's victory might encourage "the al-Qaida types" who want to "break the will of the American people in terms of our ability to stay in the fight and complete the task."

Lamont said Lieberman's swipe at his candidacy "sounded an awful lot" like Cheney.

"It surprised me," he said. "It seemed almost orchestrated...."

Here's the full story

And -- In other news from The Constitution State:

WATERBURY, Conn. -- Democrat Ned Lamont's campaign manager said he will send an apology to the mayor of Waterbury for describing the city that backed his opponent, Sen. Joe Lieberman, as a place "where the forces of slime meet the forces of evil."

He said the comments were in the context of a broader discussion of state politics in which former Waterbury Mayor Philip A. Giordano was the "slime" and former Gov. John G. Rowland, a Waterbury native, was the "evil." From the Advocate

Looks like this is going to get ugly. FINALLY!!!
Someone who's willing to fight fire with fire.

Stay tuned, this is going to be one dirty fight. I have a feeling the shit is going to be hitting the fan BIG TIME!
(Don't you wish Kerry stood up to w like this)


I decided to pick up the Hartford Courant today. The commentary section was full of opinions. I thought you might be interested in a few of the comments. Here is a sampling.

Also, words from Ted Kennedy made the front page of the commentary section, underneath a huge picture from April, 2005, of Darth Cheney. The veep is standing in front of the American flag with a very stern look on his face; his finger pointed like an angry father toward a child who he has just grounded. Here is Senator Kennedy's Commentary.

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