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Tuesday, August 29

For those of us who live on EARTH

Never-before-seen pictures, loaned to me by a longtime friend, from Katrina and the aftermath. No, it's not over. I don't care who wants to put their fingers in their ears and sing "La-La-LAAA!", I don't care how Brian Williams (NBC) or the red cross (TLC) want to rewrite the "narrative," I don't give a fuck about the people who can't hang with the "scary"/"downer" parts of reality.

I LIVE HERE. I may never get back to New Orleans, but I will never abandon her. So, y'know, since it's been a WHOLE FUCKING YEAR and THIS SHIT STILL AIN'T RIGHT YET, I'm not going to just "poof!" away when somebody wants to be a child and push the "scary" thoughts away.

There will be more pictures. There will be more words. THIS SHIT IS NOT OVER.

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