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Friday, August 25

Felix, You're An Embarrasment to Virginia

Dear Senator Allen:

I am appalled at the comments you made recently to young Mr. Siddarth while campaigning in the southern part of the state. I suppose you thought your comments, referring to him as a monkey, were funny. However, it strikes me as more than a little odd that you would have made the instantaneous assumption, merely because Mr. Siddarth is a person of color, he must not be American. As I am sure you know by now, indeed Mr. Siddarth is not only American, but he was born and raised in Virginia. Which, I believe, is more than you can claim, having been born and raised in California.

While I am pleased that you have (finally) seen fit to reach out to Mr. Siddarth and apologize in person, in my view it is too little, too late. When you said those hateful things to Mr. Siddarth, you showed what was truly in your heart. And it ain't a pretty picture.

Very Truly Yours,
Red State Blues

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