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Wednesday, August 30

"The economic agenda for the next president couldn’t be clearer."

Quoted from a NYTimes editorial titled Downward Mobility. The Census Bureau numbers are out for 2005. The economy is NOT as good as we are told it is.

"The Census findings are yet another indication that growth alone is not the answer to the economic and social ills of poverty, income inequality and lack of insurance. Economic growth was strong in 2005, and productivity growth was impressive. What have been missing are government policies that help to ensure that the benefits of growth are broadly shared — like strong support for public education, a progressive income tax, affordable health care, a higher minimum wage and other labor protections."

I have read about The idea of a progressive income tax over at James Kroeger's Nontrivial pursuits

I believe that today, it is the only way to go. I hope candidates jump all over this (and honestly support it's theory) because it is something the middle and lower classes need in order to have a chance at a halfway decent life. I should re-phrase that to one class actually -- the Common Class.

"Instead of seeking to enrich themselves the 'Easy Way', through foolish collectivist political schemes, rich people do have the option of improving their financial status The Old-Fashioned Way---i.e., by earning it in the marketplace."

Time for a change -- The great wealth divide is far too wide....

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