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Sunday, August 13

Depleted Uranium In The News

Again. How many sick vets will it take to wake up? Will anyone ever listen to anyone other than the Pentagon? How many veterans are sick, dying or dead because of DU (depleted uranium)? "They" say only 30% of those who served show these symptoms. Does that make them insignificant? My radioactive next door neighbor died 2 months ago after being mysteriously ill since he served in GWI. His bodily functions shut down one by one since he returned. It was amazing that he lasted so long, but his quality of life was never the same after serving his country. It sucked. And those he served denied that his service had anything to do with his contracting the most vile and rare cancer on earth, his kidneys shutting down, his spine collapsing and a host of other horrors.

So how does our country repay those who serve? by denying that they are affected by depleted uranium. The DoD declares that exposure to radioactive material such as DU is safe. Hmm. They must not have read their history books regarding the troops exposed to the atomic bomb during WWII. We are living in a dystopian novel.

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