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Thursday, August 31

D O U C H E B A G S of liberty

Last night, in response to my -- Hey, no fair! -- post, Liz commented:

I was watching CNN in the hotel room earlier and by golly, all they were talking about was fascism. They are redefining it! Those bastards.

They must have found out that the liberals have been using the word to describe them, so now they have decided to take over the word.. and a complicit corporate media makes it possible.
I declare that we call them douchebags from now on and let them try to redefine that.

I totally agree Liz. NOW -- WHICH DEFINITION shall we use for DOUCHEBAG -- There are 38 to choose from. I had to stop at #15 -- I couldn't take it anymore!!!

You will see what I mean.....

Oh... and while I was over at urbandictionary, I noticed they have a new entry -- BONUS BEER*:

*Beer which one "discovers" having not known that it was there. Typically this occurs after a party or family gathering/event and may often involve a secondary fridge or forgotten cooler. Discovery of said beer is usually followed by feelings of joy and well being, similar to finding unexpected money in a jacket one has not worn in some time.
I'll just clean out the fridge, haven't done that in a while... wait a sec what's this? BONUS BEER! Righteous!


I changed the title of the post (just a little) to reflect my personal favorite for the definition of douchebag. #14!! by Jon Stewart --(probably because he's my favorite man). The other ones were pretty spot on too.

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