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Wednesday, August 23

CONGRESS has the power TO IMPEACH....So what are they waiting for?

Maybe they're waiting for our phone calls. As David Lindorff comments:

"The courts have spoken: this president is a criminal on multiple counts. Now the process moves to our elected representatives in Washington. No member of Congress who is unwilling to hold Bush and his accomplices to account and initiate impeachment proceedings against him for his crimes and violations of the Constitution should be returned to office in November.

Some critics have argued that impeachment is an unnecessary diversion from the task of government, since Bush will be gone in 2008 anyway. These people miss the point that leaving this president's crimes and constitutional affronts unchallenged and unpunished would enshrine his transgressions in the mantle of precedent, allowing the next president and her or his successors to pick up wherever Bush leaves off.

To do that would be to sign the death warrant for American democracy."


I don't know what else we can do....

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