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Monday, August 28

Breaking news on Katrina "impostor"

CNN doesn't have it online yet, but they're calling a guy an "impostor" making a "sick, cruel joke" for impersonating a HUD official at the "summit" in NOLA today.

He's not just any impostor, he's one of the guys who did the "presentations" about the World Trade Organization, FTAA, NAFTA and "globalization" and captured their exploits in an interesting documentary. No, I don't know the name of the film yet (searching now) or what the guy's name is, but he's not just any impostor. I hope that somebody got his stunt on tape, because I'd wager that he said something that embarrassed the FUCK out of HANO & HUD.

In other words, he's not just "some guy" and it's not a "joke" --- it's called a PROTEST.

I'll have the facts up here as soon as I can find them online, if I'm not puking too much blood from watching Dumbya in Biloxi, talking about the "pristine beaches" and a "Mississippi renaissance" (I bet they wrote it in phonetics for him).

Personally, I think that the protestors blew their wad too soon --- he's not due in NOLA until this evening, and it would've made a bigger dent if they'd done it in Dumbya's FACE.

UPDATE: It's The Yes Men!!! I knew it!!! 'Bout time! IMDB wouldn't let me copy the picture, but it's the guy in the gold lame' unitard. If you haven't seen "The Yes Men," it'd take way too long to explain. Suffice it to say that The Yes Men have been the protagonists behind some of the most imaginative and subversive protests in the past ten years, all over the globe.

Hell, if I'da known they was comin', I'da baked a cake!

(And as to Dumbya in Mississippi, he can't even finish a sentence or use a microphone properly --- I think that the confusion is setting in for him because he's actually BREAKING A SWEAT.)

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