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Friday, August 25

Behaviour detection squads

I just finished reading 1984, I mean I just finished reading this article about ‘Spot’ teams spying on airline passengers -- it just FELT like a chapter right out of 1984.

I don't fly often because I really do not want to; OK, OK -- I'm afraid to fly. I will do it if I absolutely have to, but I usually need a Xanax or two, a couple of bloody Mary's and someone to peel me off of the airport floor and pour me into my seat.
At least I don't look anxious or nervous. Now, if I were to board a plane without those confidence boosters, I would be hauled off in a second for questioning.

"In particular, officers are trained to recognise concealed emotion, such as fear or anxiety. These so-called “micro-facial expressions” appear on a person’s face for 1/25th of a second. “They are so fast, that unless you’ve been trained you don’t see them,”

Next time you fly, beware of those facial expressions -- you never know.

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