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Tuesday, August 15

Allergy Sufferers You're Doomed

Gotta luv it - due to the flooding followed by excessive heat RAGWEED is producing a bumper crop this year. So from now until the first frost take your meds, either give up on contacts or use disposable and do your best to stay inside where (hopefully) the pollen count isn't so bad.

I also came across an interesting article (yes, the ER is slow this am, I am reduced to paging through medical journals as I can't get them to turn off Faux News). Allergic reactions to cockroaches are fairly common and are a contributing factor to asthma in young, urban children BUT DID YOU KNOW that 21% of the population is allergic to lady bugs? That's the same percentage that is allergic to cats.

Apparently it is very bad during the fall because the Asian Ladybug Beetle tend to find their way inside of homes to nest for the winter. So yet another reason to fill cracks, cauk around windows and doors and insulate well (as if the rising cost of heating fuel wasn't enough of a reason). If you are already infested the suggest a good vacuum cleaner and a bright light.

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