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Sunday, July 23

Wow, We're Diplomatic

According to the NY Times, US is rushing bombs to Israel and it was done so with very little debate. Well that's diplomatic. Not. Anyway, these are precision guided missiles which are supposed to be more humane in that they won't kill as many civilians.

On a contrasting note, according to Think Progress on Friday, Tony Snow was on the Today Show and said that "Nobody Has Been More Diplomatically Active Than We Have" On The Middle East Peace Process. You see, dear friends, 'diplomacy' means making a bunch of phone calls or meeting with people who happen to be in the area. Tony Snow made no mention of all the bombs being sent to Israel and that is probably because it's pretty hard to make that seem "diplomatic".

MATT LAUER: Alright, let’s talk about the Secretary of State. She’s going to travel to the region next week. Critics say it’s too little too late, what’s your response?

TONY SNOW: The critics got it wrong. The United States has been very actively engaged on the diplomatic front ever since the beginning of this. Secretary Rice has spoken repeatedly with leaders throughout the region. The President has been picking leaders and speaking with leaders who are not only in the neighborhood, but in the position to provide leverage and influence over the governments who are chiefly responsible for supporting Hezbollah, that would be Iran and Syria. He’s spoken with the King of Saudi Arabia, he’s spoken with the King of Jordan, he’s spoken with the President of Egypt, he’s spoken with the prime minister of Turkey. Every day the departments of state and defense are on the phone with colleagues throughout the region, every day the national security advisor.

So what I’m saying here is that people are talking about too little too late in diplomacy, they may not be keeping the scorecard. But the fact is, nobody has been more diplomatically active than we have.
Oh yes, I trust the president to speak to world leaders after last week's debacle at G8. I really feel like throwing up after reading all this.

Check out this story in the Jerusalem Post about citizens of Israel and Lebanon talking and blogging with each other during this historical time. A lot of it is quite civil.

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