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Wednesday, July 26

The War on the Web

This is an interesting story from ABC news regarding traditional media outlets versus the blogosphere in the reporting of the war.

"When The New York Times makes a mistake, there are more than enough critics to ensure that the newspaper takes action against the offenders and reworks its policies to ensure more accuracy."

"When an anonymous blogger espouses his view of a situation from the ground, or posts a piece of video, there's no one to hold accountable and therefore no way to ensure that what's being viewed is accurate or fair."

OK -- maybe that's the case, but personally, I find the blogosphere to be the ONLY place I can get information that I would never even SEE in a newspaper.

"There's a lot of fantastic information out there, but it's too much. It's a fire hose," Palser said. "It can be a relief and a grounding experience to then be able to go and look at something that's a little more organized and more edited."

So....I'm curious to see how many of you feel "relieved" and "grounded"
when you leave the blogosphere and go to the newspaper.

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