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Wednesday, July 12

South Korean cash flows into U.S. real estate

JUST when you think this over priced real estate market will finally take a breather and allow a nice, soft landing; one that would not cause too many waves in the secondary markets, I have to read this headline today. I did not renew my realtor's license in May, after 10 years in the business, because I was convinced that this insanity was finally coming to a much anticipated end. I could no longer be part of this-- in plain english-- SCAM. It really is.... from the realtor to the home inspector, to the appraisor, and right up through to the mortgage lender. Sure, we are all just 'doing our job', trying to 'make a living', but it truly had become a burn out job -- so I got out. Oh the stories I could tell.

Anyway, now it looks like we have the Koreans coming to save the day, and keep this ridiculously overprice market going .

Let's see now -- isn't there some kind of 'missile action' that's been happening in that area lately? Oh, never mind....we STILL have our hot housing market. Not to worry!!

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