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Monday, July 10

Sound Familiar?

But there's reason to think it's less random than one might imagine. Robert Fisk encapsulated it in the phrase: "Chaos is the plan." That is, the goal seems to be the destruction of a society, reducing living standards to the point that everyone is consumed with getting by day by day. The fabric of society dissolves and it becomes easier to force assimilation on it.

When I read this in a letter regarding Psy-Op and counter-intelligence I nearly spit nails. It's supposed to be one of the main strategies used by governments in Central America, and the main course of action for Iraq; but damn it all if it isn't what is happening in the USA right now!

How many times have we railed about the lack of empathy, the lack of outrage, the lack of voice of our fellow citizens? How often have we opined that just trying to get by, to live from day-to-day was taking up so much of their time that they had no ability to keep track of what was going on? Working 40-50 hours per week, still having to scrounge and worry to pay the rent, utilities, food. Forget about saving up for a down payment on a house, sending the kids to a decent for empathy? They can't afford that either.

It becomes each person for themselves; let them cart off the illegal aliens, it doesn't effect me. Atheists? Sure, why not, how can anyone not believe in god or jeebus and while your at it, take those Jews and Muslims too. Liberals? Aren't they the ones ruining this country? I think Rush said they were. Make women stay at home, force them to live the way the 'bible' says we should with the man in charge of the family and the woman submissive at home poping out babies and tending house? Why not, it will leave more jobs open for the men and those women are too damn demanding anyway .... getting the picture yet?

Tis a frightening time to be alive, intelligent and aware my friends.

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