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Thursday, July 13

So Is This WWIII?

Following Hezbollah attack, Israel hits Beirut airport while imposing sea and air blockade. Israel says no targets in Lebanon are immune from attack.

President Pretzel says Israel has a right to defend itself but is concerned about Lebanon's fledgling democracy.

As Lebanon’s largest political party, Hezbollah warned ruling elite not to criticize capturing Israeli soldiers.

Why now? Hezbollah and Hamas are close friends, and both are funded by Iran.

Major powers return Iran nukes issue to U.N. Security Council after zero progress towards negotiation. Iran shrugs and warns that Europe will pay if this is not resolved peacefully.

South Korea says to North Korea, "Who said we wanted you to protect us anyway?" Japan considered a pre-emptive strike against N. Korea and China warned Japan to use diplomacy and feels that a UN resolution to penalize NK would heighten tensions. But it warns NK to behave.

Rape, killing and looting are increasing as tribal tensions escalate in Sudan's troubled Darfur province.

Tensions are rising between the US and Russia.

Indian police on Thursday detained about 350 people for questioning in the Bombay train bombings amid suspicion that Kashmiri militants could be linked to the attacks that killed at least 200 people.

Senior U.S. commander in Iraq says more troops may be necessary in Baghdad.

Do you ever get the feeling that the world leaders are fucking everything up? Why can't we round them up and throw them into an arena and let them duke it out to the death while the rest of us go about our business?

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