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Tuesday, July 25

Selling Israel to America

stop the lie has some very informative stories today.

Check out the video "Peace, Propaganda and The Promised Land" -- US media and the Israeli/Palestine conflict.

Also a story from Reuters shows how the media manipulates the story:

"Israel began its assault on Lebanon after Hizbollah seized two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid on July 12. Some 373 people have since died in Lebanon. At least 37 Israelis have been killed in Hizbollah rocket attacks and clashes."


1. "Israel began its assault on Lebanon after Hezbollah seized two Israeli soldiers." HMM, Ok. Sounds reasonable enough. But, why don't they mention that the Israeli soldiers (legitimate military targets) were on the Lebanese side of the border? ...well, I guess they kind of mention it; they call it a "cross-border raid" which conveniently hides who was "raiding" who.

2. "Some 373 people have since died in Lebanon." Notice that 373 Lebanese people have simply "died" whereas "At least 37 Israelis HAVE BEEN KILLED in Hezbollah rocket attacks and clashes."

And remember folks it is "HIZBOLAH" who is to blame for Israel slaughtering civilians and targeting civilian infrastructure. Hezbollah took two legitimate prisoners, and that means Lebanon (and its people) must be destroyed. -And if you don't accept this logic, then you support terrorism. (from stopthe lie)

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