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Sunday, July 30

Sad News From England

The Giant dead eel tossing contest canceled after more than 30 years of the annual tradition of " two teams of fishermen standing on wooden platforms as human bowling pins, hurling a dead giant eel at each other." Apparently it's not politically correct despite the crowds of people who flock to the sleepy fishing village of Lyme Regis each year to marvel at the spectacle.

"The practice, known as conger cuddling, is the annual highlight in the small coastal town about 155 miles southwest of London. The object of the game is to knock the opposing team off the platform by swinging a 25-pound eel at them."

Supporters of the "sport" feel that since the eel is already dead, it shouldn't matter to the eel. Nevertheless, 300 people attended an alternate event where a boat dock fender was used instead of the eel... but it wasn't quite as exciting as being slapped silly by a dead eel.

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