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Monday, July 17

Rapture Index?

Normally I would follow that title with /sarcasm or 'ha ha', but looking at today's news I'm a bit worried. Not the the jeebuz cult will actually get their rapture, but that they'll end up killing us all. In between wars and the environment things are looking pretty bleak this Monday morning.

We have more bombs, gun attacks, and the advance of ground troops in Israel / Lebanon, a pretend president who is dumb enough to utter a 'four letter expletative' in the presence of a microphone (heaven forbid he might acutally have an idea in his head) , a tsunami hit Java, A super fire is hitting the West Coast, the East Coast of the USA is looking at a deadly heat wave, another business man (I don't think this one was related to Ken Ley) was found dead, more murder-suicides make the news, typhoons are hitting Asia and destroying more lives and property and (shudder) Stallone is getting into boxing shorts again.

Who wrote that song? "I Don't Like Mondays" cuz I think it would make a great theme song for today. Now back to the ER where we can continue our morbid death pool. We're taking bets on how many senior citizens are going to succumb to the heat. meh, so we're sick but its the only way to survive sometimes.

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