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Saturday, July 29

Now Accepting Nominations For "Idiot of the Week"

I'll start. My nominee is Tim LaHaye, co-author of the "Left Behind" book series, who seems positively gleeful that the current Isreali-Lebanese situation means the rapture is nigh. A few nuggets from a recent interview in Newsweek:

"Biblically speaking, the very nations that are mentioned in prophecy—and have been mentioned for 2,500 years as occupying the focus of the tension of the last days—are the very nations that are involved in the conflict right now. That may be one of the reasons there’s a sudden interest in bible prophecy because all of a sudden they realize end-time events could possibly take place and break forth right now."

"[We've] never [had] the accumulation of events as we have today. I have often said that no one knows the day nor the hour that Christ will come, but no generation has had so many signs of the times as our generation. We have more reason to believe that Christ could come in our lifetime than any generation before us. "

"[W]e don’t believe in the damnation of people in ethnic groups. We believe that’s an individual decision. Now, it often follows in people groups. Take the Muslims that we’ve been talking about. Everybody knows that they do not accept Jesus Christ as a means of salvation from sin. That’s the only way you can be saved, is to call on the name of the Lord. They’re not about to do that. "

Yeah, man, what a great idea. Let's stoke the fires and get all your fundie friends rooting for an expansion of the fighting, and meanwhile you can line your pockets from the royalties of your books. Mr. LeHaye, if you're so sure the end times are near, can I be equally sure that you're giving all your money away? Can I get a little of it? I mean, you won't be needing it anymore, right? I'm not greedy and don't need much, and I promise to put it to good use, like making sure you and your friends are exposed as the charlatans you really are. WWIII may indeed be right around the corner, but it's man, not the Big Guy in the Sky, who's going to bring it about.

So, Mr. LeHaye is my nominee for Idiot of the Week. Who's yours?

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