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Friday, July 21

NAFTA Superhighway Update: They REALLY don't care.....

Huffpo finally has some conversation going on today regarding the NAFTA Superhighway:

It seems that some Texas farmers are quite upset!

Gee, do ya think they will be able to stop this before it becomes a reality?
Well, if they DON'T -- who will? I read over the comments, and I have to say that it seems the majority don't know the background as well as we do here at Blondesense. A few of the commentors seem to know what's up, but not a lot. Hopefully this will wake more people up to the reality of this.

These corporate elites really don't give a shit. I did not think that a country could survive if it did not manufacture things. Oh wait, if your aim is for control of the world, you just have other countries (China, Japan) make your goods and ship them to a port in Mexico, bypassing the US (close down all ports -- WHERE ARE THE LONGSHOREMEN?), and pay tolls to the owners of this highway -- "(it will be built and operated by a U.S.-Spanish consortium); and some see the project as an affront to open government because part of the contract with Cintra-Zachry is secret."

What can we do folks? Well, for starters, let's try to get behind these Texas farmers. Spread this around. Let the revolution begin!!

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