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Monday, July 17

More Serious Than Anything Else In The World

It's hot as hell in the northeast and I cannot think of anything more compelling than the gay marriage debate in America. Can you? Congress is going to concentrate on passing an amendment to save my heterosexual marriage tomorrow since it's such a slow summer with not much else to worry about. Sure, my marriage needs saving and if that's what's going to save it, then I will be a good christian American and go along with the plan. Things would just be so perfect in our country if those pesky gay people weren't hell bent on ruining my marriage. sheesh.

Guess we'll just have to learn to deal with the Medicare cuts because we are all gonna die anyway, who cares that it costs $20 more to fill up my car than it did in 2001 since I make so very much more money than I did 5 years ago, and what's happening in the middle east really has no effect on my life, right?

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