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Monday, July 24

Mideast Update

Condozilla Rice-A- Roni surprised Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora in Beirut with a visit this morning. They kissed. She told him that she would like to see an end to the fighting and if Syria would only do something to stop Hezbollah from partaking in this crisis and if Lebanon and Hezbollah would sign a cease fire agreement so that Israel would stop lobbing US made missiles on Lebanon killing hundreds of innocent civilians. Syria says the US is making things worse and will not negotiate unless Damascus and Hezbollah are part of the peace process. The death toll is 384 Lebanese, 36 Israelis.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, President Bush was told to say that he "has opposed an immediate cease-fire, saying the root cause of the conflict — Hezbollah's domination of south Lebanon — must be resolved," reports the AP and "Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said the priority was to arrange a cease-fire and his party was open to discussing ideas on how to end the crisis. He also said an Israeli ground invasion would not protect Israel from Hezbollah rocket attacks." The suspense continues.

Oil prices dropped as Condozilla arrived in the Middle East.
Pakistan is expanding their nuclear program and is building a new reactor for producing plutonium.
John Kerry says this conflict wouldn't have happened if he were president. (And he would have been president if he had some balls, so I doubt his claim.)

Disgraceful: The people of Tyre, Lebanon were rushing to evacuate because Israel promised to make their lives even worse. Meanwhile, the dead bodies were being gnawed by wild dogs. People can't get to the morgues to retrieve their loved ones and if they could, it's too dangerous to have a proper burial with bombs explodings. Emergency workers fear for their lives and do not pick up dead bodies along the roads left to rot. Carpenters don't have enough wood to make more coffins.

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