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Tuesday, July 18

meanwhile, back at the ranch


The Senate is set to pass a bill that will expand funding of stem cell research. The president is expected to swiftly veto that bill. This will be the only bill he ever vetoed if this comes to pass.

Congress will also waste the day voting on the federal marriage amendment which is expected to fail once again.

UPDATE: The House rejected the Federal Marriage Amendment today with a 236 to 187 bipartisan vote against it. (27 Republicans voted against it)

In the Senate, the stem cell research bill passed 63-37, four votes short of the two-thirds majority that would be needed to override Bush's veto.

On the House floor, Rep. Lincoln Davis (D-TN) said he was opposed the amendment but only because it didn’t go far enough. Davis said Congress should “outlaw divorce in this country” and “outlaw adultery and make it a felony.” In addition, Davis said, “we should also prevent those who commit adultery, or get a divorce, from running for office.”


Sen. Sam Brownback (R-KS) is leading the opposition to the H.R. 810, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act. Yesterday, during debate on the bill, he held up a picture of an embryo drawn by a 7-year-old girl. Relaying a conversation with the girl’s mother, Brownback said the embryo was asking the Senate, “Are you going to kill me?”

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