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Monday, July 31

Getting fed up here

A picture of an aborted fetus will be flown over Cleveland starting today. In all fairness, they ought to show some pics of dead babies in Iraq too. They ought to have a blood and gore fest in the sky.

During the RNC in NYC, you couldn't even buy a billboard with any message that wasn't pro-GOP or pro-war. NYC went Nazi. Mayor Bloomberg didn't want to take the blame for all the excuses as to why bush protesters and anti-war groups couldn't demonstrate. Now it turns out that he was actively involved in squelching free speech during the RNC. Oh what a time that was. Dragnets in NYC. the bastards.

Don't you think free speech ought to apply to everyone even if they don't agree with the GOP? What if the Democrats were in power and tried to do the same thing? There'd be a revolution.

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