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Friday, July 28

Fiddling around while Rome is burning

Looks like Leezy and her buddy "Nero" wowed them in Kuala Lumpur for her musical performance of Brahms' Intermezzo number two and Brahms Sonata for violin and piano, opus 108. She offered it up as a "prayer for peace" ironically. Her musical skills far surpass her negotiating for peace skills.

Using the public speaking skills she learned from Donald Rumsfeld, she says she'll return to the Middle East when the 'time is right', but she hasn't figured out exactly when she'll know that the 'time is right'. So she's not clear where she'll go next although she says she's ready to negotiate with N. Korea any time.

Speaking about the Middle East she also said, "We hope to achieve an early end to this violence. That means that we have to help the parties establish conditions that will make it possible for an early ceasefire."

Hey Condi, what the hell do I know, but how about calling for a cease fire and then negotiating? Who do you think you're fooling? The US called for a cease fire in N. Korea over 50 years ago and we're still 'negotiating'. So what if you call a cease fire and it takes years to negotiate? At least people will stop dying over the insanity of saying things like, "Israel has the right to defend itself." The Hezbollah guys are hiding in fox holes in Lebanon, not apartment buildings, so the only people Israel is "defending itself against" are the civilians. Close to 500 civilians have been killed. Nice diplomacy.

Take a look at the video of Israel 'defending itself' by targeting aid workers/red cross ambulances.

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