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Monday, July 31

Female Roman Catholic Priests?

How cool is it that Roman Catholic women who have been working in pastoral ministries over the years due to the lack of male priests are ordaining themselves in Pittsburgh today? In the last 25 years or so as the number of priests declined, more and more "lay" people have taken over in parishes around the country (and the world). Many married men have become deacons but the RC Church has yet to ordain a female deacon even though it's in the New Testament that women were deacons in the early church. These women are ordaining themselves priests and deacons.

The official RC church is threatening to excommunicate these women because they dare to break the traditional 'boys only' rule. Somehow, I don't think that the RC god is going to have a problem with women ministering to the flock. It's the male dominated RC heirarchy that's got their skirts in an uproar. They say that these women are a "threat to church unity." TFB. I say that the RC church is its own worst enemy, but what do I know? I only have an MDiv from a Catholic Seminary. They can't pull the wool over my eyes.

Here's the story with some great quotes from the brave women.

And yes, I do not practice any religion what so ever. I know too much. I still applaud these women of faith for doing the right thing. If there's anything the RC Church needs, it's women.

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