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Wednesday, July 26

Dumb bastards don't even know what freedom means

Now get this:
"This is an issue I've struggled with for years," [Dr.] Gish said. "My current feeling is life begins at conception, and I feel that anything that interferes with that" causes an abortion.

"The dilemma I have is the whole rape issue: Which side are you more concerned with? Are you more concerned about the mother or the life that was possibly created? That's my dilemma," he said. "I personally don't have this thing worked out. I'm not sure how my faith can line up with my practice at times of what I'm asked to do."

The state backs up his refusal.
This doctor doesn't have the thing worked out yet so he just refuses to help a rape victim not get pregnant. Should he be concerned with a human being standing before him who was just raped or should he be concerned with the possiblity of conception, a conception that can be nipped before it even buds? This doctor should know that Plan B does not cause an abortion but someone told him that "faith" trumps science and he believes he is free to impose his "faith" on those who don't share his unsubstantiated beliefs.

Since when does "Freedom" mean that you can do whatever you want because of your beliefs regardless of whether or not it infringes on another person's "freedom" and their beliefs?

Sure I have the freedom to blast my stereo 24/7... as long as those who live within earshot like my music and have no intention of sleeping. My freedom ceases if the music infringes on those who enjoy the freedom of listening to the sounds of nature. That's how it works...

Then what's the deal with this? What if my belief is that I under no circumstances should be forced to conceive a child against my will? But I am held down and raped. An evil person plants his demon seed inside of me. There is a chance I may conceive unless I take mega doses of birth control within 24 hours (Plan B, a legal prescription drug).

I call my doctor to get a prescription for Plan B but he won't write it. Why? Because this doctor believes that life begins at the moment of conception, which he believes could have been the moment of rape, even though one doesn't conceive that fast. His blind faith to his religion trumps biology 101.

In the state of panic and post trauma from the rape, I have to search for another doctor who will write the prescription if I am lucky. While riding the bus to the next doctor's office I realize that the rapist's freedom to dump his seed trumped my freedom to have relations only with the man I love. I'm getting even more depressed.

I go to the neighborhood pharmacy next to the second doctor's office with a prescription I was lucky to get. The pharmacist's so-called freedom to deny filling my prescription due to his blind faith that human life may have already been conceived trumps my freedom to avoid conceiving an illegitimate child.

He doesn't see me. He only sees the possiblity that I may hold the seed that may possibly fertilize an egg and become implanted in my uterus. He has no concern for my horror story, the fact that I am too young or too poor or too sickly or too single to carry a child to term, let alone raise it and furthermore, that the child is the result of violence and hatred that I would rather choose to not think about as time marches on. He is worried about his "salvation".

My freedom to control my body is trumped by his freedom to not go against his "beliefs" which are not scientifically sound, despite the fact that he is employed in a scientific industry. I am not asking for an abortion, or an abortion pill. I may not even be pregnant my freedom was trumped by a remote possibility!

It is late. I don't have a car. I have to try to find a bus or a taxi to another pharmacy. Time is marching on.

If I become pregnant because I cannot fill this prescription in time, I can use my freedom to love this child and raise him or her with the utmost fairness, but I also have the power to use 2 new freedoms thanks to the rapist, the doctor and the pharmacist:
Will I choose to give that child the worst life imaginable?
Or will I choose have an abortion... maybe a late term abortion?

Now what do you think of your freedoms, doctors and pharmacists who refuse to dispense Plan B? Even "faith based" freedom has a cost.

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