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Friday, July 28

A "Day in the Life of Joe Republican"

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed kmtberry's ENTIRE blog, particularly this post.

I had just ended (a few hours ago) my exhausting day on a very depressing note -- Bill Frist on Hannity and Colmes . I still need to surf the teevee to fall asleep after a crazy day. I hit on THAT station just as THAT asswipe came on. He was taking liberal bashing to new hights -- I know most of you would have finally thrown the brick that put the big screen's lights out forever. I guess I was just too tired -- probably couldn't have even lifted a brick if I had one.

Can't sleep, just woke up, still pissed, found myself at KM's blog, and whata ya know! After reading her post about Joe Republican, I'm feeling much better -- what a GREAT READ!!!

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