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Monday, July 10

Bad Day for Religious Right

On an uplifting note, the only entity having a worse day than the administration is conservative xtians.

It seems that the fabled mushrooms of the 60's and 70's give the exact same euphoria and depth of life-changing reverence as religious experiences. Yep, those silly scientist, its just one more step towards proving that god is nothing more than chemical reactions of the human brain, but then we've been told for years that 'god is inside each and every one of us', right?

The Moderate and Left of religion have FINALLY spoken up loudly enough to be heard, kinda. Nice twist here, they've actually READ the bible and realize that no where did Jesus address gay marriage, abortion or any other red flag issues that the conservative right has been using to distract the country.

Pope Ratzo isn't fairing very well in the traditionally Catholic country of Spain. Hell, the PM didn't even bother to go to his mass, smart man that Mr Zapatero.

And not to focus TOO intently on christianity I'll add this little snippet, according to gossip Madonna has about had her fill of the Kabballah.

But best of all? They have FINALLY exonerated Grace Sherwood for mystically inducing an abortion 300 years ago with Virginia Beach Mayor kindly noting that 'trial by water' really wasn't the way to go with this one.

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