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Thursday, July 20

The Assclown Speaks Again and Has Nothing Important To Say

Good grief. Bush finally spoke to the NAACP and he brought up his "ownership" society crappola (fascism) and pitched the repeal of the estate (death) tax for the ultra rich, because after all, stuff like this matters to everyone else.

"...the death tax will prevent future African-American entrepreneurs from being able to pass their assets from one generation to the next."

It appears that a whopping 59 African Americans will be faced with paying estate taxes this year and the number is expected to go down each year. Meanwhile according to Think Progress, almost 25% of African Americans live below the poverty line and bush never even mentioned the word, "poverty". Yes, I'm sure that old bushie struck a chord with his audience.


UPDATE FRI: Mister President, thank you for not vetoing the Voting Rights Act. whew.

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