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Monday, July 17

american president says "shit" with his mouth full

How is this a news story? Bush and Blair are having a little private chat. Someone has an open mike. They don't know or do they? Only conspiracy theorists are sure.

Bush said "shit." What is really embarrassing is that his mouth was full of some bad banquet food when he said it. He went to all the right schools. He is his momma's boy. I can't believe his mouth was full! How rude.

Bush is right. Hezbollah needs to stop this shit.Shinolacan

Presidents do not take an oath of office to stop being human. "Shit" is nothing compared to Nixon on the Watergate tapes. I am thrilled he knew the difference between Hezbollah and Hamas. Harry Truman said there were too few words that people really understood and we should use all of them. I am for one happy that Bush has a firm grasp of at least this situation, but I find it disturbing that I am in the awkward position of defending him.

This next week is national fuck your buddy week for aspiring attorneys. Yep, the Multi State Bar Exam and the individual state components of the exam are given next week, July 25, 26, 27. Talk about shit. I hope I know shit from Shinola and the Rule of Optional Completeness.

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