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Sunday, July 30

America- war is peace

JERUSALEM - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Sunday she is "deeply saddened by the terrible loss of innocent life" from Israel's attack on a Lebanese village, but she held firm to the internationally unpopular position that a quick cease-fire won't solve the crisis. Her position is that if the rest of the world thinks one way, than the US position should be the complete opposite. If everyone opposes you, then you must be doing something right. After all, this thought process has worked so well so far.

Stymieing Rice's diplomatic mission, Israel's early morning missile strike sparked protests in Beirut and forced Rice to cancel an expected visit Sunday with Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora. Yes, it's a long held bushista tradition to avoid protest situations because protesters are terrorists and we don't negotiate with terrorists. She planned to remain in Jerusalem instead, where she said she had work to do to end the fighting. But of course. It's hard, hard work to end fighting from hundreds of miles away.


"We all recognize this kind of warfare is extremely difficult," said Rice, noting it comes in areas where civilians live. "It unfortunately has awful consequences sometimes."

"We want a cease-fire as soon as possible," said Rice, during one of her strongest statements yet on the need to end the conflict. Oooh. That's telling them Sleezza.


Rice said she had not yet spoken to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, whom she had dinner with Saturday night, but planned to reach him after an Israeli Cabinet meeting.

She has spoken by phone to Saniora to express the condolences of the U.S. government and its citizens and let him know she wouldn't be coming. Sorry that the shit has hit the fan, but I'll stay here in Jerusalem where the rockets won't hit me and mess up my shoes. But infuriated Lebanese officials said they had asked Rice to postpone the visit. Oh really?

Either way, Rice was not welcome to visit Lebanon, an ally. Wonder why?

"In the wake of the tragedy that the people and the government of Lebanon are dealing with today, I have decided to postpone my discussion in Beirut," Rice said. "In any case, my work today is here."

I get the feeling that Rice should take a Dale Carnegie course.

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