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Tuesday, June 20

Think of It as Troll Bait

BlondeSense commenter Terrible makes I think a very astute observation in a thread below: The liberal blogosphere seems full of trolls today, which makes him wonder whether there aren't some new pathetic poll numbers out for His Heinie King George, so the trolls have been told to fan out and spin, spin, spin. We get some interesting trolls around here, and they're pretty good at sticking assiduously to the Neocon talking points. The timing is so, well, coincidental, it almost makes one wonder whether they might be professionals.

Well, I haven't seen any bad polls over the past couple of days, but damn, the news from the glorious war in Iraq sure ain't good. Obviously, there is the grisly torture death of two more American soldiers. And there is the quite ordinary daily bombings. A few American soldiers were charged with murder of Iraqi detainees. The Japanese are pulling their troops out. And the Iraqis who work for the American embassy in Baghdad are scared shitless.

Oh, and George Bush is out raising money for Republicans.

I'm sure all of this is susceptible to a logical Neocon explanation. So, bring it on. I really want to hear this one.

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