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Sunday, June 11

Stop the U.N. Gun Ban

Has anyone heard about this 4th of July "party" at the UN?

"...These dictatorships, terrorist states and so-called “free” nations of the world plan to meet on our home soil to finalize a U.N. treaty that would strip all citizens of all nations of their right to self-protection, and strip you of your rights under the Second Amendment."

Is this just PR put out by the NRA?

I can't imagine our right to bear arms EVER being removed - can you?

I hate guns. My dad was a cop years back. Whenever he would clean them, I really got the creeps big time - made me VERY nervous. I never took an interest in learing to shoot a gun. Hubby had a shot gun when we first got married. He traveled a lot and he wanted me to learn how to use it. I told him "NO WAY" and instead, got a big dog to sleep with and she has guarded me with her life ever since.

I think I want to buy a gun now......

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