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Monday, June 19

A Sign of the Time

A quote from 'Father Tyme' in the comments section over at the Dark Wraith's latest rant about his posts being deleted and the bullshit he has to go through to get them reposted:

"We joke about a dark age to come; make sure you're prepared for anything and make sure willing to do whatever is necessary or you may as well sell out now.
I feel for the generation to come not only because of their coming repression but for their naivete, ignorance and apathy.
Pity the children's world. Pity the world's children." -- Father Tyme

To which the Wraith responded:

"The children are well-prepared, Father Tyme.

"When I was at dinner with a group of seventh graders a while back, among the items on their excited and giddy conversation list were the stories of the massive police sweep into their school a few weeks earlier. They thought it was funny that some kids had to lie on their stomachs while the dogs sniffed them. They also thought it was funny when lockers wouldn't open so bolt cutters and crowbars had to be used. They got a huge laugh talking about the teachers who freaked out (the teachers weren't warned this was going to happen) who herded all their kids into a classroom and barricaded the door, thinking some kind of terrorist teenage assault was underway.

"The kids thought it was all funny. Especially the girls giggled about the Dobermans sticking their noses in some girls' crotches; that must have been a hoot.

"I casually asked, "How many cops were there?"

"Shoulders kind of shrugged, and one girl said, "I don't know."

"Another piped in, "They were, like, everywhere."

"Yes. That's the idea: to believe they're everywhere.

"Those kids will do fine, Father Tyme. In fact, you'll know that for a fact when they grow up to deal with us just like we've treated them.

"The Dark Wraith says, "Now that's a hoot."

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