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Tuesday, June 27

Shooting The Messenger

The news last night was all abuzz with the story of the bushistas outrage that the NY Times dared to print the story regarding the government tracking our bank transactions. Peter King wants to sue the Times for treason. oy vay. The press has been pretty darn accomodating to the bushistas over the years and basically sold out the American people to the fascists. Somehow, according to the Republicans, this big secret that the Times revealed, that the US inspects banking records, which is supposedly legal, is harming our national security. yawn. If I hear, "We are in a time of war" one more time, I'm gonna hit someone. The war ended 3 years ago. We're in an occupation now. duh.

If it's legal that the government can spy on our bank records, then how is it illegal that the NY Times would report it? It seems like a lousy excuse. The government doth protest too much. This is what the press is supposed to do according to Thomas Jefferson.

They are just embarrassed that yet another incident of how the government has trod over our civil rights has been outed. So they are listening to our calls, monitoring our call history, inspecting our bank accounts... and what's next? We'll find out that they are also monitoring our health records? Sorry, but divulging that our government is spying on us, is not hurting the war effort. It's hurting the effort by the fascists to end democracy.

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