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Thursday, June 22

Seems there's a story along these lines every day or so.

I've lost track. There was the VA. Then FedEx. Maybe more. Now this:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A computer hacker may have stolen "personal identity information" for 26,000 current and former Agriculture Department headquarters employees, agency officials said.

I'm reminded of that old Godfather's Pizza ad: "I know where ya' live".


Visa says ATM breach may have exposed data

"SAN FRANCISCO - Visa USA on Tuesday confirmed an ATM security breakdown has exposed more consumers to potential mischief, the latest in a long line of lapses that have illuminated the often flimsy controls over the personal information entrusted to businesses, schools and government agencies.

"The latest breach dates back to February when San Francisco-based Visa began notifying banks of a security problem affecting a U.S.-based contractor that processed automated teller machine transactions."

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