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Sunday, June 18

A Plot to Attack NYC Subways in 2003 Revealed

We recently had a rather heated discussion here because I was angry that the DHS cut funding for anti-terrorism to NYC because it was determined that NYC had no monuments to blow up according Michael "Skeletor" Chertoff. Apparently Kentucky bingo got anti-terrorism funding as well as a Mushroom festival in Texas. I guess that it's not fair that the rural areas shouldn't be scared too.

If it's true that al Qaida planned a NYC Subway Attack with Cyanide in 2003 and that the terrorist cells are still in this country, then why the hell was funding cut?

Newsweek reports about a new book by Ron Suskind which describes an al Qaida attack on NYC Subways with cyanide which was to have taken place in 2003. Newsweek investigates the claim:

The counterterrorism officials also confirmed Suskind’s reporting that U.S. intelligence indicated that the subway attack was called off personally by Zawahiri. Though the officials said U.S. intelligence was still not certain why the attack had been cancelled, one former official said some feared that Zawahiri had cancelled the subway attack because Al Qaeda was planning something even more deadly and spectacular inside the United States—an event that, if planned, so far has not materialized.
The devices to attack NY subways were rather crude according the article, but could have proved quite deadly nevertheless. It made me wonder how al Qaida pulled off 9/11 all by themselves.

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