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Wednesday, June 28

Need an appetite suppressant?

View this montage from Media Matters of St. Ann Of The Codpiece's recent whoredom, an entire collection of her batshit-crazy ravings & blatherings in order to shill her new abortion-in-print "book."

This critter is proof that evolution has made a few hard left-handed u-turns.

And if you're not reduced to bowing before the great white porcelain god, dry-heaving up your toenails from watching shim, then you're probably as demented as I am, and you laugh very heartily before you start to cry.

The mere fact that this crusty sore from the anus of hell is allowed to EXIST is proof that there is no "god", no benificent deity that cares a flying rat-fuck about any of us. But the further horror that shim is allowed to PROSPER by shim's lies, insanity and pure-dee EVIL --- that right there ought to be enough to pass manditory-birth-control legislation, if not manditory STERILIZATION legislation.

And yes, I'd want to be the one to perform the retroactive abortion on this great bony glob of afterbirth.

(I'm just so thankful that transsexual transvestites aren't fertile. Tim Curry ought to rip shim a new one with a "theft of artistic property" lawsuit. IF it could be proven that shim has ever actually ATTEMPTED cosmetic improvements, anyway...)

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