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Monday, June 26

Movements against partisan politics

I am finally reading more and more about people who are fed up with our political parties in this country. This morning, I read about a group of recent graduates from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, who launched a new website. Here is the article and a link to their site.

"The website is part of a budding movement against partisan politics, driven largely by college students and playing out primarily on the Web. The most prominent of these groups, Unity08, intends to hold an online convention to nominate a bipartisan presidential ticket in 2008....."

I had not heard of Unity08 until I read this story. Here is the technorati tag link to Unity08:
. Lots of good reads! WOW!!! What do you think of this group (founded by several washington insiders)?

Well, I wonder how this will play out. I'm kinda thinking that the internet plugs will be pulled on all of us in the very near future. In case that happens, I just want to say that it has been a pleasure conversing with ALL of you and I wish you the very best (in heaven or hell); until then -- party on dudes!