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Tuesday, June 20

Meanwhile NYC Is Going To Hell in a Handbasket

Update: Actually, no we are not going to hell because we are the politest city in the world, goddammit.

Here in Gomorrah, where homosexuality runs free and abortions are legal, the crime rate is up. Not the kind of crime you are thinking of though. Jay walking is out of control. Motorists are chatting on cell phones despite the NYC ban on handheld devices. The cops are so busy pursuing smokers of cigarettes that the stoners are back. Scanners have to be used at the doors to public schools because kids are trying to sneak cell phones in. People seem to be eating illegal hotdogs from unlicensed vendors. It won't be long before motorists think that they can turn right on red. I shudder to think of the chaos.

New Yorkers Don't Let a Few Laws Get in the Way

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