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Thursday, June 15

life sentence?

Have you heard this story?

Last year, Hahn, a 26-year-old Los Gatos felon with a rap sheet full of residential burglaries, anonymously sent police some stolen photographs -- photos that showed a man molesting a toddler. Using the photographs, police found and arrested John Robertson ``Robbie'' Aitken. Last month, Aitken pleaded no contest to molestation charges and received a 30-year sentence.

But Hahn, who was later arrested for a burglary spree after he turned in the photos, is facing a prison term that could be longer than Aitken's. The latest series of burglaries was Hahn's ''third strike,'' and prosecutors have decided to seek a life sentence. His trial could begin this month.
Pretty interesting story to read for more details. What do you think?

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