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Thursday, June 15

John Bolton, US Ambassador to the United Nations

From Counterpunch:

Bolton Bolts from Oxford Protests

Perhaps most dramatically, Bolton presented a stark message to his Oxford audience: the UN exists to institutionalize inequalities of power, wealth and national security. In his view, the UN should be a club for powerful nations to manage their relations with poor nations by denying them any real power. As an agent of corporate wealth and institutional power, in his Oxford remarks Bolton focused exclusively on justice for capital and repudiated the notion of a democratic basis for the UN. Bolton demanded that the UN should remain a gated community devoid of power-sharing with its small clique of five Security Council members wielding veto power over the remaining 190 members of the General Assembly.
During the question period, Bolton recognized a law student who politely asked him to justify the application of a double standard in the Middle East that favors Israel over Syria or other Muslim nations. Detecting the student's accent, Bolton pointedly asked, "Where are you from?" The student was Syrian. On that note, Bolton refused to answer the question, and instead he criticized Syria for what he deemed to be its unwarranted interference in the Middle East and Lebanon even though they withdrew their final 15,000 troops ..............

I guess my idea of what the UN should represent has never been correct?Maybe I am still stuck in my grade school idea of what it is supposed to embrace. Every nation in the world coming together for the the greater good of the world -- such childish thoughts.

This walrus/man should be xxxxxx and xxxxx for HIS oil. (oops - I hope I don't get tagged for saying that). What a creep....

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