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Monday, June 12

In My Happy Place

Well, not quite 'the' happy place, that would involve handsome young men in kilts dancing on a mirrored floor and me with a leaf blower, but I digress....

Its been a rough few days for the powers that be, including Christofacists. Even Fox News has gotten its fill of at least a few of them. You need quicktime for this video clip of a Fox interview. It is propably only one of a literal handful of times that I have cheered on a Fox employee. Oh and consider this fair warning, the beast she's interviewing could give George Romero nightmares.

And our ever lovely Rude Pundit has gotten a hat tip from HuffPo, it seems he has caught mAnn Coulter in the act of plagiarism . Well done, RP, well done. And he's not the only one beating mAnn down just Google her name and see what comes up.

Santorum had to edit his book to tone down some of the more controversial points, his Spanish language website has different immigration on it than his English one and that is just the bullshit he got caught up in THIS week, and its only Tuesday. (I SO cannot wait to toss his arse out of office)

Frist's cat killing is coming back to haunt him in a new and hopefully painful way. Both his lying to the ASPCA to 'adopt' the little furballs and his complete lack of empathy when killing them. Not to mention the nearly orgasmic high he got when he felt the last few beatings of a dog's heart that he was holding in his blood soaked hands. (ok, a little melodramatic there, granted, I know what you have to do in med school, but I don't know of anyone who took quite so much pleasure in it as this putz)

Specter is stating that he is prepared to call telephone company officials to testify about a domestic wiretapping program if he doesn't get cooperation in talks with the Bush administration. And the first of many lawsuits against the illegal wiretappings started on Monday. And Verizon was hit with a 20 billion dollar lawsuit for assisting the Feds in their illegal activities. And now I read that Microsoft has been doing the same thing for years. Thanks Unka Bill...its a good thing he donates so much to charity, it tempers my outrages against him.

Mary Cheney's book has sold under 6k copies. Remember last month when she kept bringing up Kerry's reference to her during the debates, guess it really didn't help sell the book. Maybe she should talk to her mother, I'm sure a hot lesbian sex scene would help sales.

And, speaking of a few years too late. More and more journalists have been coming forward to FINALLY report on the voting discrepancies of the LAST presidential election.

Granted things could have gone better, but I think we're off to a good start this week. Fundies are getting nervous and turning on one another. Batshit crazies like Coulter, Santorum and such are being cast into the wind; it seems as if it is only a matter of time before others start to wake up and realize what has been happening. Of course that is when the Neo-cons will be at their most desperate and dangerous.

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