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Tuesday, June 20

I Want to Have Bill Maher's Babies

If my uterus would still cooperate. I'd settle for a good snogging. His take on the state of the nation, and in particular, Gore's loss in 2000 and whether Ralph Nader is at fault:

I don't blame Ralph Nader at all. Please. The people who are to blame are the Democrats for not having the Ralph Nader platform. Ralph Nader is right. I would welcome the Democratic Party co-opting Ralph Nader instead of blaming Ralph Nader. Ralph Nader's big issue is that America, our democracy, is being slowly strangled by the influence of corporations and lobbyists and money in politics. And that is the root of all our problems. Nothing in this country ever gets done without somebody getting paid off. Everybody talks about how everything changed after 9/11. No, nothing really changed after 9/11. We don't really have adequate protection of the homeland because it's still a matter of pork-barrel politics.

Damn straight, Bill. You da man!

I personally don't care for Nader because I think his run over the past two elections was more about his ego than what is good for the country, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is absolutely right about this issue.

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