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Monday, June 26

How's by you?

Not only do the nation's politics suck, the weather sucks too.

I am soooo sick of watching television, I could scream. It's off today. I don't care. I'll go out back and see how my studio and all the projects held up. It would have been a great sky watching weekend with the new moon and all... Sure I caught some interesting movies, nature shows, decorating shows and documentaries and of course, I could have been doing other things for the past few days, but this dismal, dreary excuse for summer had me laying on the couch all weekend. And muggy? My hair curled. I missed out on the usual excitement of setting pots all over the house to catch the rainwater because the intrepid testosterone twins(TM) did a pretty good job of sealing the roof around the chimney and where the 2 levels of house meet during the last deluge a few weeks ago (when I discovered pots and pans I had long forgotten about). Look honey, it's the indoor fountain you always wanted!

I read that the west is having record heat. Not sure I'd prefer that either.

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