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Wednesday, June 21

How do Republicans teach their young that lying is wrong?

rom the New York Times

WASHINGTON, June 20 — House Republican leaders today abruptly canceled a planned vote to renew the Voting Rights Act after a rank-and-file rebellion by lawmakers who say the civil rights measure unfairly singles out Southern states and promotes multi-lingual ballots.

Well, duh? That is where black Americans and white Americans were murdered for registering to vote and if we can buy products with instructions written in Japan or Germany in French, Spanish, and English why should we fret about multi lingual ballots. (Republican looks the same in any language. JEB BUSH is pretty easy to understand in Vietnamese, right? Don't forget Neil Bush's fondness for Asian women.)

This is unbelievable.

What else is unbelievable is that it probably won't get as much attention as Jolie-Pitt's obsession with adopting children from hell-hole countries when they could adopt children from right here in the good ol' US of A. What the hell is wrong with American kids? Not exotic enough? Not saving the world enough? Not getting in the newspapers enough? (She reminds me of Mia Farrow. Doesn't anyone realize that she isn't changing those diapers? And neither is Pitt. ABC's Nightline was wondering this week just how gay is Superman? We all know that there is something going on with Batman and Robin, not Clark Kent. And don't even discuss The Lone Ranger.)

The media is making us stupid. And we like it.

If the Republicans defeat the bill and keep control of all three branches of government this fall and retain their ownership of the deregulated Fourth Estate, then we can just stop calling ourselves a democracy. And if things in South Dakota with their abortion ban go as well, women might as well stop going to college and to work and marry that man with the three jobs and no health insurance who promises to love her forever, ever, ever.

This isn't a stunt. These Republicans are serious. They think the poor South has been picked on enough and that everything is just great in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. Why black people are literally falling over each other to get to the polls.

Remember the 2000 presidential election when blacks were turned away from the polls because they were on a list that said they were felons? Never mind they had never been arrested. They were on the felon list, usually because they shared a name with a convicted felon--in other states! They couldn't vote. Never mind that armed police are going into elderly black homes to "investigate" voter fraud. Never mind that the ballots are so confusing--in English--that well educated people can't use them. Oh, well thank God for Diebold. You don't need any pesky paper ballots, the machine will count your vote for you. Whether you actually voted for that candidate or not.

This would be surreal if for the reality that we are living in the day when if you don't support the president you are a traitor. If you don't support the war, you hate America. If you don't denounce the terrorists while mourning dead Americans then you support the terrorists.

If this bill fails, will someone finally notice that the ship has sailed and we haven't been a democracy or even a republic for quite sometime. We impeach a man because he lied about a consensual sexual relationship but we can't impeach Bush over lying about Iraq. How do Republicans explain to their children that lying is wrong? How are they going to explain that everything is so rosy in America that we don't need no stinking civil, reproductive or voting rights?

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